Dusica Erakovic

I am an European/Serbian architect coming from both a design and construction background with more than 20 years experience.  I am also the mother of two boys who decided to move with her family to Canada, relatively old for such an adventure, with the hope that I will open some new doors for my children. 


Joining the GBS team has given me the opportunity to expand my professional experience, learn the rules and laws of the country, new software, work with people  from all over the world, and embrace Canadian diversity. 


My hobbies are varied but include designing and creating home accessories, t-shirts, painting on ceramic tiles to, believe it or not, cooking.  I feel like I'm on the another planet, I hope a better one.

Project Management

114 - 8855 Laurel Street, Vancouver BC  V6P 3V9

Tel:  604.683.8838   Fax:  604.683.8823